Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Christmas decorations

I borrowed this idea from someone else, after deciding that Buddha needed to join in the Christmas spirit:

Bike Boy thinks he looks a bit disgusted.

Hey, it was either the Santa hat or a tinsel necklace and a pair of bauble earrings.

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kexkez said...

well he's certainly got ears enough for earrings. :) saw some lovely christmassy things in spotlight today and target had 50% off all boxed decorations but I wasn't spending. Bought heaps of stuff for my students so we can do xmas crafts and Dh wasn't looking too thrilled my spending so had to settle for 4 red ornaments from spotlight as my only xmas decorations purchase. I've promised the youngest we'll put the tree up tomorrow. Dh has to find it first. (responded to your sand comment on my blog)