Saturday, March 19, 2011

One year on

March 2010:

March 2011:


Reinsey said...

Looks wonderful. More like a 5 year garden than 1.
Is the path time consuming to maintain? We're tossing up between exposed agg and what you've done, but have a severe weed phobia :)

Kek said...

I don't find it hard to maintain - but then I'm usually out there at least weekly and I just pull out any little weeds that dare to show their ugly heads. The heavy rain over spring, combined with a lack of gardening time did lead to a bit of a weed infestation, but an afternoon's work took care of that. Probably had a lot to do with the vacant block behind us that's allowed to get totally out of control. :/

Usually, it's not an issue.

stormygirl said...

Wow! Looks fantastic, Kek! Our landscaping is a sad and sorry state at the moment and I keep telling myself that all good things take time! I have plans for a similar path too, but with larger gravel, I think. It looks great!