Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Better late than never

Mrs B awarded me this an embarrassingly long time ago, but I kind of lost the blogging plot for a while there, so I've shamefully neglected to do anything with it.

I'm supposed to pass this award onto some other bloggers, but I'm going to skip that part for now and reserve it for some future time. I need to give it some thought, since I've been a bit out of touch with blogs in general recently. I have put my thinking cap on though and come up with "six things about me", which was the other requirement for recipients of this prestigious award. ;o)

I'm keeping them (sort of) house-related:

1. I hate flannelette sheets with a passion, much preferring cool smooth cotton. I don't care how cold the weather, if I'm ever your house guest, don't dare give me flannie sheets to sleep on. Ugh.

2. I love cooking shows, but can't stand Masterchef. Reality TV, yuk! I prefer "real" cooking shows, where it's all about the food. Except when it's that simpering idiot, Nigella, in front of the camera. She makes me want to throw things at the TV.

3. One of my favourite smells is vanilla. Not the artificial air freshener type of thing, but real vanilla. I love to have a subtle yet homey, fresh and welcoming smell in my house, so my secret weapon is a spray bottle of McClintock's vanilla fridge wipe. I spray it on bench tops and wipe over it with a cloth and have been known to spray it into corners of rooms as well.

4. I have a thing about labels. My pantry is full of labelled containers, my filing cabinet organised with labelled folders and now the linen cupboard has labels on the shelves too.

5. I'm mad about cushions and throw rugs. The male members of my family don't get the cushion thing at all. They can't figure out how to sit on the couch without chucking most of them on the floor. The rugs are a hit though, especially at the moment. There's nothing nicer on a cold night than to snuggle up under a blanket on the couch.

6. After a year and half in this house, we still have framed pictures propped on the floor against walls. I wonder if that's a record?


kexkez said...

HA! I'm with you on the flannelette sheets.

Haven't quite perfected the cushion thing but I'm working on it.

Love the Cook and the Chef. TV show and some of the sbs cooking shows are great.

I think we are attempting to keep up with your pictures record. though we do have a few up now after much harassment of the picture hanger. Sadly now we have our wood fire we've had to take down one picture so we have 2 hooks abandoned in the wall. oops

Kek said...

I actually hung another picture yesterday, after writing this. Youngest son has a portrait of himself, painted by my mother, that he's wanted hung in his room for over a year. I finally rearranged his room yesterday and it's up!