Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's all happening!

The long-awaited landscaping has begun and at the end of the first week, there's quite a bit of progress. It's actually only been three days, since they started on Wednesday, but already it's looking tidier and we're beginning to see things taking shape.

Here's where we started from. Garden furniture and barbecues (Yes, plural...we have three. Don't ask...) all cleared out and safely stowed in the garage. A bare slab, some crappy dirt and the remnants of a few weeds that resisted bombardment with Roundup:

Three days later, there's been a lot of rubbishy soil, weeds and bits of builder's debris removed, roadbase spread and concrete poured. We now have an extended slab, all ready for pavers on Monday, plus the framework of our feature screen along the fence.

There's also some clearing been done along the back, and more roadbase spread and compacted. Not much to see yet, but it's neater than it was...

The landscapers left their equipment parked out the back. I am tempted to take the Dingo for a spin over the weekend....

The boys will be back on Monday to finish the screen and start laying pavers. THAT'S going to be exciting!


Toni said...

oh fantastic! You must be so pleased to see the start of this! Look forward to watching it all unfold.

Kek said...

It felt like we'd been waiting forever.... but given that we only decided to do this back in October, it's not really been that long.

Still, it's good to see some action. :)