Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three month maintenance. At the seven-month mark

We've had long delays in getting our maintenance stuff sorted. There was an initial flurry of activity shortly after the three-month inspection was done, waaay back in March, but then, nothing.

About half the items on our list were fixed in March or April. Two cracks and numerous nail pops in the ceiling were supposed to be fixed, but when the guys went to paint over the patch-ups, they discovered that you can't do touch-ups to our upgraded non-white ceiling....the whole thing needs to be repainted, otherwise the patched areas stand out. They weren't authorised to do a full repaint of two rooms, so they proposed that they'd request a new work order from PD and they'd have to come back on another day. Fine. Except that almost four months later, our ceilings still look like they have the measles.

Several phone calls and emails elicited promises to follow up, but nothing eventuated. We were given the excuse that there was a problem matching the render colour - Rockcote was taken over by another company, and Dulux colours are now used, rather than the custom colours previously offered. We were a bit stumped about how that was holding up the interior painting, a tile that needs replacing, some mortar that needs tidying up and the other odds and ends on our list. And anyway, so there's a problem - how about coming up with a solution? Or offering us some options?

FINALLY, we have things moving again. We hope. I've had the maintenance guy back again today to re-inspect, and we've been promised a phone call by end of week to book in times for the work to be done.

As for the render, they have an almost-match. I'm told that the colour is very close, just a bit darker than the original. So, since it's only the column that needs redoing, we've agreed to give that a try. I figure that since it's separate from the other rendered areas, the difference won't be noticeable. If it IS, we'll have to come up with a plan B. I have some ideas there, but we'll wait and see how plan A turns out first.

Hopefully, we'll have everything completed within the next four weeks. Fingers crossed.

Before we know it, we'll be booking in our 12-month maintenance inspection. Boy, this year is flying past!

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Toni said...

It's complete bullsh*t isn't it? I think we are in a very similar situation to you. People come, write a report, make a call and then forget about you for 3-4 months.

I had a guy here a few weeks ago all day fixing this, electricians, plumbers, tilers......guy turned up to paint our ceiling in the lounge, playroom, hallway and bedroom 4 which have been sitting with patches all over them since April only to find out that they haven't been sanded back enough.....I'm still waiting.....

One day we will be able to sit back and enjoy the houses. New MM seems to be really good so I hope he gets on top of it all for you.