Friday, May 22, 2009

From the "What were they THINKING?" files

I know that taste is an individual thing, and that when it comes to choosing house colours, we all have our own ideas of what looks good. I'm all for variety - the world would be boring if we were all the same. And around our way, many streets definitely ARE boring, as you go past house after house after house that look a bit like they came off some sort of factory production line.

BUT. I've been watching a house going up behind us, and was keen to see what colour render the owners had chosen. The bricks are a brown/tan colour, window frames black and the roof dark grey (no choice with that one, dark grey roofs are an estate requirement). The spouting and fascia went up and I thought oh-KAY... Looks to me like Classic Cream fascia and Woodland Grey spouting and downpipes. Not what I'd have chosen, but whatever....

This house has infills over the windows, so I thought that perhaps those might be matched to one of the other colours. Maybe the classic cream? Nuh-uh, looks like Jasper to me, or something similar anyway.

This morning I opened the blinds in The Baby's room, glanced out the window and OH MY GOD!! This is what I saw:

My eyes! Aargh! It burns.......


Yes, I know that nobody elected me the Queen of Good Taste, and there are no doubt plenty of people who think our house is repulsive. But at least we made an effort to make sure our colours actually coordinated.

The owners of this place might have done better to stop some random guy with a guide dog on the street and ask him to stick a pin in a colour sample sheet.... Oh wait. That may be what they actually DID.


Toni said...

LOL!!! oh, that's funny. Well not really if you have to look at it every morning. We have a house further up the estate with shocking render - red but duller than your one.

Tip, plant some screenmaster - Sertels Nursery on Bridge Inn Road ;-)

Kek said...

Don't worry Toni...I'm making that a priority! Ugh. Hideous. *tries not to barf*

Ben said...

I'm glad you published this entry, I it looks like they picked Woodland Grey gutters with Dune fascia's. I had originally picked these colours but the thing I really didn't like about it was that the window infill would have had to have been one of the colours and I didn't want dune window frames.

In the end I kept it all woodland grey and up until I saw this one, I'm glad I made the decision I did.

Grant N Althea said...

LOL! You might mistake it for a firestation.

Kek said...

Um ....I took a walk around to the front a couple of days ago. The ENTIRE FACADE is rendered in that colour.


The colour actually isn't so bad when the sun's not directly on it, but still... It could work as an accent maybe, but the whole front of the house? Yikes.